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Taking group travel to the next level

Adelhart Tours & Events specializes in group travel. We take pride in creating a personal experience when booking your travel. One of our excellent trained and experienced staff members will accompany groups on their stay to ensure a smooth arrival, stay and departure. Their personal touch is something people talk about years later. We offer our clients unique benefits, distinguished by their originality, cost effectiveness; helping us to ensure that all of our travelers are so satisfied with our services that they recommend us to their friends and use our services next time (by the word of mouth).

Adelhart Tours & Events is a small but efficient company, surrounded by a powerful network and including an in-house graphic designer making it a full service company. We cover transportation, hotel arrangements, entertainment, tours, visiting sport activities, and beyond!

Our values

  • Teamwork
    We’re natural partners with our clients, colleagues, and our community, and we’re at our best when working together to produce extraordinary results.
  • Loyalty
    We maintain superior reliability and trustworthiness in all our relationships.
  • Excellence
    We distinguish ourselves through our strong commitment to improve, detail and inspire each step of the services we provide. 
  • Respect
    Considering human diversity, we foster and encourage harmony and warmth among our clients.
  • Thriving in Change
    Our goal is to maximize our effectiveness and success, in an unpredictable and ever-changing environment.
  • Responsibility
    We are committed to fulfilling the needs of all our customers while preserving the environment. 
  • Readiness
    We are prompt, proactive, careful and passionate in complying with our tasks.


Our main services. But we are certainly not limiting ourselves to only these 3…


Our concierge services is your go-to gal or pal! We will handle your needs in transportation, dinner reservations, tour bookings, and so on and so on. We like a good challenge and are not quickly surprised by the requests we get, so shoot away!


Event planning is in our blood. We love it, we want it. This varies from corporate networking event to high end dinner. From summer picnic with the whole family to your very own wedding. So tell us what you want to create and we will make it happen. It’s that easy. Dare to dream!


Aaaah, now your talking. Where are we going? With who? When? What’s your budget? We can start early in the process with booking your flight, all the way through to the arrival at your hotelroom. Let’s do this. Let’s go!


How we can be useful for you

From the Bellagio to sleeping under the stars

This trip was organized for 20 men from the Netherlands who wanted a trip they would never forget. There were 10 days available and many wishes on their list. Traveling by Harley Davidson. Together with the Funder of the trip I have set up a route. On arrival I was the first one they saw after Customs at the airport. The pick up was in style, limousines with champagne on board, driving us to the Bellagio Hotel where we checked into the Penthouse. At the Penthouse awaited a buffet and full bar and quickly after dinner the entertainment arrived at the room, existing out of barely dressed ladies, a python and a scorpion. After our entertainment concluded we headed for Club Marquee where we had table service by our private hot tub. This spectacular night was followed the next day by a night under the stars, with a bottle of whiskey, a campfire, a guitar and cigars. The rest of the trip was covered with automatic gun shooting at the desert in Vegas, a ballgame in Phoenix, a wigwam hotel in Holbrook, a surf session in San Diego, and so on. All men arrived safe and sound back home, some resisting a tear, because this was an experience of a lifetime.

From visits to Cisco and Autodesk to delicious dinners at hotspots, baseball and karaoke

This trip was organized for 20 men and women from the Netherlands who wanted an inspirational trip to Silicon Valley. The group had a background in retail and 8 days available for their annual trip. I was, as always, the first face they saw on arrival. Escorting them to their hotel where they were checked-in. The group had a variety of appointments such as Cisco, Autodesk and many others who opened their doors to let them peek behind-the-scenes. Every night there were dinners planned at a memorable venue, and after dinner there was more entertainment for the explorers who did not want to turn in early. The local karaoke bar even managed to pull up a Dutch song. One other highlight was the guided bike tour over the Golden Gate Bridge with cherry on top that night a baseball game at the end of the day at the AT&T Park in San Francisco. A trip with many elements, which are not quickly to forget.


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