Nathalie was born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After finishing her Bachelor in Recreation, Tourism and Culture one exciting job followed after the other. She started her career working for record label Arcade Music where she send international talent all over Europe to TV and Radio shows for promotional purposes. Secretary Plus was her latest position in the Netherlands (HR leader in providing management support staff) where she was in charge of the bureau in Eindhoven and made sure as well clients as management support staff were bonded with her and the bureau.
The desire for exploring work internationally finally overtook and in 2007 she decided to move to her beloved Barcelona, Spain.

She hit the ground running by starting her own business in the touring industry. On a daily note Nathalie was walking and biking international tourists through beautiful, historic Barcelona. Growing her business and hiring more guides she was unstoppable. After two years the decision was made to go explore further: the United States, it has been her teenage dream to live and work there.

In 2009 she moved to San Francisco, USA. Quickly enough she was hired for the Netherlands Consulate. For over four years she was the right hand of the Consul General and in charge of all events. Her two most outstanding achievements are:

1) Organizing and overseeing the logistics for the Seattle visit of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, in close collaboration with US Secret Service, airport officials and the Dutch National Police Services Agency.
2) Coordinating the organization of Dutch national day King’s Day for 4 years in a row (2010 – 2014): a 1-day festival with free admittance and 4,000 visitors.

In 2014 Nathalie was ready for a new challenge, she quit her job and gave notice to her landlord. After six months of traveling she moved to San Diego where she resides now. She has started her own business, offering services in Event Planning, Travel Services and Project Management.